Wednesday, August 31, 2005

[edit] just read ernestine's blog. Lord Bless her father and her family.

It's kinda scary cos around 5pm today in the airport i suddenly had a really bad feeling. like someone i was close to was hurt. gosh. this is scary. [/edit]

today's day was quite fun! haha. today's day? erm. ok whatever la. do'nt mind my rubbish. haha. had half day cos of teachers day. was quite nice la. (i'm saying that cos fran might kill me if i don't) HAHA. anyway. err what ah. oh yeah! went to city link with su and swee after that.. then left them to cut hair with Huifang. there's not much diff in my hair except that it's like shorter la. but the hair style almost sama. the fringe sucks though. i scared i look bung and when i asked hf she stared STRAIGHT at my erm.. chest and said "no la!" WTH. ok nvm. at least she acknowledges that I have a teeny bit of something. HAHA. walao i'm lame. k whateverness. erm.. then went to swee's house cos she had to pack. so went on the com for a while then chat chat chat online abit. then went to AIRPORT. yes. met Terry and Kevin. But didn't even talk to them. haha. we were going airport cos swee was leaving for aus :(:(:( wil miss her loads loads! ya anw we were being abit childish in the airport. but it was damn fun la! haha! was abit high! hahaha. lalala.

fran: sorry i made you depressed over the politics =((
swee: he isn't hot. no he isn't haha. but i'll miss you loads!!! =))
su: haha had loads of fun with you! love love! <33
sc: haha! your chocolate melt until so jiak lat. haha! nvm i buy you another one =P

8:35 PM

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Had chi orals yesterday. walao the guy damn annoying. so slow! argh. then give me wrong passage. waste even more time. so pissifying can. anyway during the loooong wait for our turn, me, fran, jielin, jill, jeanette and elisabeth frippiat were sitting together reminiscing about primary school days. hahaha. it was damn funny can. sigh.. how i long for those days again. sadness. ah wells.

no band for the whole of this week! I miss my instrument!!! i wonder if anyone will pei me on friday to practise for a while. haha. or if the school will even allow. hmph. i see how ba. Tomorrow I'm going to cut my hair!! yay! can't wait! haha! i kinda miss my long hair. should i grow again? hm. haha i'm like having a soliloquy.

ANYWAY. i'm going to be a good girl and stay home on thursday. yeah! haha. see i'm so guai!!! haha. oh man. madness. i'm praising myself. lalala. nothing to say le. sian. haha k i shall go and stone. haha! goodbye.

7:43 PM

Sunday, August 28, 2005

new layout! woos! haha! spend the morning searching for a nice one. hmph. today i'm gonna be home like the whole day. doing work. whoa. can you believe it? me. doing work. hehs. mostly geog. cos Miss Adeline Lim doesn't believe in not giving homework. wth la. she's annoying me. seriously. i didn't bring my worksheet on like friday and it's my third time la. and she refuses to accept my plan. wth! and she's so freaking rude can. talk to me must walk here walk there de. wth. when someone keeps moving, one would automatically assume she's busy and just wait right? so that's what i do la. then she keep pressing me for answer. wth. at least be more courteous and look me in the eye when you talk la. irritating woman.

haha. i just had to get that off my system. anyway. yesterday morning i was supposed to go to sch for the YFC PA but erm.. i was lazy. haha so i didn't go. hope it went well. anyways. was supposed to go for cat class and teach those little primary twos. but i didn't. cos erm... i didn't feel like going. haha! so ended up sitting in parkway MPH cafe and drinking coffee. bought the phantom of the opera unabridged version. chim sia. read until cock eye le. haha. so i just down there drinking coffee and reading til like five.. then went to meet ernestine. we walked around abit. and then felt like damn sian. so went to khai theng's house. haha. then went back to parkway for dinner then olps for youth mass. i feel damn cheated la. say got fellowship after mass but don't have. wth! and the mass was kinda boring. haha. so after mass we just slacked downstairs with audrey and marcia. got free ice cream. but everything else must pay la. wth. see? genna cheated again. argh. so went home after that la. hahah at like 11? ya..

Oh ya during the mass babara called me cos my sister scolded them. haha! cos jean had a party at my condo downstairs and they decided to scream my name. haha. my sis was like damn pissed la. cos she was studying so she went down to scold them. haha! hahaha sorry k guys? don't be mad at her. haha. she was like in a bad mood anw. but i was like laughing like siao when i heard about it la. haha. so funny. hehs.

argh must go and do my geog now. wth. eeurgh.

11:09 AM

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Lord appeared to me in the form of an angel and said:
"I'm taking you home to Me tomorrow at midnight.
Before you come home, I will grant you a single wish."

"Would you like to be reunited with your bestfriend?"

I shook my head.

"Would you like your daddy to hold you like he used to?"

Again, I shook my head.

"Would you like me to cure your mother?"

I shook my head again.

"Then what would you like?"

"I want to be reunited with my bestfriend.
I want my daddy to hold me like he used to.
I want my mother to be cured...

But most of all, I want everyone to be happy. to see everyone trully happy.

Not just my bestfriend.
Not just my dad.
Not just my mum.
But everyone."

12:13 PM

Friday, August 26, 2005

Look around.
What do you see?
Faces lit up.
Laughter rings.
People prancing
Happily away.
Showing off their joy.
Gleefully, they play

But open your eyes.
And really see.
What's going on
Isn't what it seems.
Take a big step.
Out of your perfect world.
You're too self-absorbed
It's time you should know.

Look around.
What should you see?
Faces pulled down.
Not a smile to be seen.
Air so heavy
And thick with depression.
Happiness a rare gem
Everyone seeks with desperation.

No one's perfect.
No one's world is.
Face up to that fact.
This is called reality.

7:53 PM

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm blogging! Inspite of my five mile pile of homework, i'm online! how horrid. haha. k whatever. you know why i have so much hw? cos i smartly didn't do my a math hw due like 2 weeks ago. so it was either hand it in today, or go to RTC. but i know mr tan is nice. so he'll forgive me if i hand it in tml morning. haha or at least i hope. can you believe that i actually CARE that i might get sent to RTC. shocker. haha. i know if i get any rtc records i'll be murdered brutally by ms chua. yup. how cheerful. i know. lols.

anw today after sch i was supposed to go to the library with Fiona and then go home. end of story. i had this great plan to go home and take a nice swim. and suffer through my a math hw. but obviously, just like all my other plans, this plan didn't work out. first. we went to the library. (at least one part of the plan worked out) but we didn't do what we were supposed to. then we went to the canteen to eat. haha. then we just crapped abit there. then went to the cca office. gosh it stinks of mense can! damn sick! and mel's leaving. sadness! but back to my story. we went to the mense-smelling office with jolene and counted money. how joyful and fun. counting money. on THE FLOOR. wth. FLOOR. argh. plus nagging from that woman again. annoying sia. then after that when fiona and i left the sch, we walked two bus stops away from the sch to the police station one and took 17 to pasir ris! then we took 17 again back to school. HAHA. lame can!!! too free le. then we took 22 to bedok station. hahahaha. we're so super lame la. argh. siao. so that was my day. i didn't get to take my nice swim but i still have to suffer through my a math hw. rah! tonight no need to sleep le. i think i'll fall asleep on my desk can. ah wells.

oh i'm too lazy to tag my own board so i reply you guys here k? k.

rebecca: yeah johnny depp rocks! haha!
francesca: i don't WALLOW in self pity. i just splash around abit. =Pp
su: haha thanks dearie. =))
kt: haha that was really sweet, darling. thanks =)) i'll be there for you too.
jana: haha. thanks. good luck for your exam next week =) practise real hard!
tiffany: SO THAT'S ALL I AM TO YOU? A NAG? hahaha! nah i'm just kidding! thanks anyway.. even though you just insulted me :P:P

fiona: wah we today abit high right! so embarrassing can! hahaha!
eunice: good luck for you sci mocks tml!! haha keep studying hard yeah? *muacks*
fran: don't worry too much dear, you're much stronger than me so i'll probably go insane before you do. haha. *muacksies*

10:24 PM

Monday, August 22, 2005

I realise that no matter how nice a person is, there will always be people bitching about her. why can't people learn to accept that no one is perfect. since she's trying her best to be a better person, stop putting her down by critisizing every step she makes. And another thing is that you're not perfect either and you don't see her critisizing you. so stop it.

and why be so bothered by that small group of people bitching about you? they have nothing else better to do with their lives than demoralize others. so that tiny group of people might hate you. but you have a much larger group of people who love you. they're just bitching about others cos they're trying to boost their own morale. ironically, it makes them feel better about themselves.

I've been really annoyed these past few days at the amount of backstabbing going on. wth. why can't people get lives and shut their traps. or at least think before opening their mouths. it's so frustrating that some people can be so so so so selfish. argh.

haix. i'm like damn sad now. so many things are going on. messing with my head. i don't know what to do now.. i can't think straight. screwed my piano exam. next year have to take again. sure wan lor. so pissed at my parents. "did you make any mistakes?" "yeah. alot." "why?" why? they can ask me why. how in the highest heavens would i know? think what. i make on purpose wan har. they somemore say they're not paying for my second exam la. must pay myself. my present allowance is practically same as my younger sis now can. and her ez link is they pay de. mine is i pay myself lor. wanna go and work to earn money but NO. CANNOT. MUST CONCENTRATE ON SCHOOL. wth. concentrate for what. no matter what my postition is they're not happy. don't care la. fail exam then fail la. don't retake. don't give a shit anymore.

everything i do isn't good enough.... never is never will be.... feel like just giving up on everything... everyone else is as competent as me anyway... i'm really frustrated over everything.. friendship problems.. academics.. family.. there won't be much of a diff when i'm gone.

6:40 PM

Sunday, August 21, 2005

you know what? my com is lagging again. argh!. lousiness. anyway. i'm so freaking nervous!! piano exam is TOMORROW. TOMORROW. wth. in 25 hours, everything will be over. and i'll be trying to kill myself for the mess i'll make of it. oh my. i'm so nervous!! argh....

anyway band on friday was amusing. hahaha. we had it in the geog room. and i was freezing to death there and mr de was like "it's so warm in here". GOSH. wth. k nvm. we just played there lor. actually nothing much happened. ho hum. ah wells.

after that, went to tampines library to return the stupid book with fiona. i didn't even read it la. uselessness. then took 38 to eastpoint.. went to BK haha. met zora and rachel again. always wan can. didn't see ethel for once. haha. melody and cherlie were there too. anw rachel and hf came later abit. then they did studying. i think. dunno la. but i was stoning away. then went to modena playground. hahaha. fiona and rachel were on the see saw. hahaha damn funny. fiona flew can. HAHA. then she fell of the thing. fall until damn ugly la. haha. went home quite late. reached home later than my parents can. they weren't too happy. haha. so ya..

oh man! piano exam!!! argh!!!! i'm so not ready!!!

haha that was so anti-climax. haha.

1:47 PM

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Woo there wasn't band today! woohoo!!! joyfulness! haha! went to town with su and swee. haha it was quite fun! we were like walking to cine. then outside there was this guy trying to get women to go and get some dunno what gift sample thing. haha. then when we walked out of cine he was like "anyone from saint anthony's girls?" hahaha! he like so saw us! haha but quite cool man! he recognised our school u. hahaha. but we didn't go to get the free thing la. abit lame right.

haha so ya. we just walked around abit. went to wisma top shop where swee went on the internet in topman. erm. haha. so me and su walked around topshop and she tried to be a statue! hahaha! she refused to talk to me cos statues don't talk. erm. haha. so we went down to find swee and then went to Sasa. haha. and that swee go and put some dunno what thing on my face! walao! then it was like white can!! haha. if su hadn't told me i wouldn't walked around orchard with white stuff on my face. haha. then we used the sample evian water to remove it. haha. it was quite amusing. then su and swee put this thing on their hands that said "peel and reveal" haha! then when they peeled it off they were like "what is it supposed to reveal?" haha. just goes to show that these kind of stuff DON'T WORK.

so then we went to taka to get chicken balls! haha! or did we go library first? erm can't rmb. but the chicken balls were really good. haha! and the library. when we walked in everyone just stopped and stared at us. and i was like wondering why and realised it was a LIBRARY! SO WE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN TALKING SO LOUDLY. hahaha. oh man i'm such an airhead. ah wells. we went to look for history book for su and swee went to the mag section to look for PORN. haha. then she was like "where the fuck is the porn man?" haha. in the end she found it. but she never look la. don't worry. haha! it was quite fun in the library. haha.

speaking of library i haven't returned the book i borrowed yet. rah! stupid sch. make us borrow books. then now have to return. wth. haha nvm tml i go. la dee la.

back to my day. erm. ya. swee had to go back for tuition so me and su went to TM. haha. met jocelyn and jaclyn there. so qiao. haha. su bought me chocs. love ya loads darling! then we had to rush home cos i needed to crap real badly. haha! anyway today was fun la. hahaha hope to go out with the two of them again! yay! haha!

eunice: don't worry about your eng mock la k? just work real hard for the actual exam. love yer loads! <3!!!

8:40 PM

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

masks, lies, deceit,
deception, dissimulation, hypocrisy
lies. lies. lies.
masks. masks. masks.
heart ache.
heart break.
pain, sadness, torture

when will it all end?

now, later,
then, never.
waiting, praying,
hoping, craving.

enough is enough.

(Masquerade!) Paper faces on parade
(Masquerade!) Hide your face so the world will never find you
(Masquerade!) Every face a different shade
(Masquerade!) Look around, there's another mask behind you.

I'm home on a school afternoon!!! isn't that wonderfull? haha. anyways i spent the past half an hour reading and laughing at
this site. it's really amusing. it's just this site where this group of people correct kim wakerman's english and insult her. like alot. haha. but it's quite funny.

I'm getting quite annoyed at how my teachers and parents keep droning on about how near EOY exams are. they're not even near can! nag nag nag. but i am really behind for homework and I'm failing practically every single test. Wth. Abit scared that i'll retain this year! *bites fingernails* oh man.. nvm i shall work hard from september holidays onwards. ho hum =)

piano exam is on monday! oh my! i'm freaking nervous gonna fail gonna fail gonna fail. die die die. i'm gonna pray real real hard.

Faces! Drink it in, drink it up
Till you've drowned
In the light
In the sound
But who can name the face?

5:57 PM

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh man! St Pats Military Band rocks can!! haha. There were some cute guys too! haha! i was like sitting with fiona and tine tine and its like we all got the same taste in guys can!! haha so funny! hahaha tine really fell for the trumpet soloist! haha Wong Jingkai. haha and she actually went up to him and shook his hand! haha. brave sia. hahaha then i went to get his number for her. hahaha. IN FRONT OF DAVID GLOSZ CAN. wth. haha. pai seh sia. haha but he was cute la. haha ernestine has good taste. haha. then eunice and I actually liked this flute/piccolo player. HE WAS HOT. but i saw that he was shorter than me so i lost hope. haha and according to ernestine, HE'S GAY. haha. eunice, give up ba. haha. then got this guy from the alumni band. play trumpet also de. CUTE CAN. and the the fourth clarinet guy from the right. COOL HAIR. haha. k la whatever. haha.

Enough about the guys. we were supposed to listen to the SOUND not ogle at guys. k the sound ah? erm. quite good. hahaha. they noah's ark, jerico and phantom were quite impressive. but phantom euphonium solo flat can. disappointing. trumpet solo also screwed a little. ah well. no one's perfect. hehs. but they were really disciplined la. haha quite cool =))

K then went to have dinner with sherri, fiona and eunice. haha sherri is siao can! so super high. haha damn cute. then went to buy khoo her present. hope she likes it =)) went home not too late. ho hum.

Then monday.. fiona leng nvr go sch. argh. k la nvm. haha get well soon yeah? had band.. then so many people late. sighs.. i even wrote on the board "don't be late" and still so many people late. so we made them do punishment in front of the whole band. haha wth man. ernestine made someone do star jumps. HAHA. her boobs abit distracting sia. hahahahahahaha! funny sia.
after band went with amanda and eunice to celebrate amanda's birthday. haha. it wasn't a huge celebration. haha sorry khoo! we'll make it up you k? hehs.

today nothing eventful. miss adeline lim was in good mood. THANK GOD. haha. her lesson was quite amusing. hahaha. waited for fiona to finish practical which ended abit late. haha then went with her to cut hair, then take her book then go studio to practice piano. haha. went half an hour late can. wth. nvm la. haha one hour abit long anyways. Yup. That's it la. haha. no band on thursday! yay! i mean, oh no... HAHA.

fiona: eh you get well soon k? hahaha. your voice will go back to normal wan la. don't worry. haha! AND I DON'T EAT LOT OF CHOCOLATES CAN. you la. eat your durian. no wonder voice become like that haha!

eunice: HE'S GAY. HAHA! GIVE UP! =Þ

khoo: HAPPY BELATED, XIAO MEI!! hope you like our present =)

tine tine: good luck with JK. HAHA.

7:44 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm like watching drumline now and it's fucking cool can! gosh. so cool. Nick Cannon is an amazing actor. haha his character has attitude sia. Anyways I love the show!!

The show has a grand total of one white dude. but who cares. haha. Ok it's about this guy, (Nick Cannon) who's amazingly talented at the snare drum. So he wins this scholarship to this school where they train like military bands. And it's DAMN COOL. it's really military and they take shit from no one. haha. band peeps, GO AND WATCH. it's so damn nice. they like teach stuff that can really apply to band life.

Like you might be the best, But when we're on the field, nobody hears you! They hear the band. Which is so damn true la. one band, one sound. that's what band is about. it's not about who's the best or who's tremendously good. It's about sounding as one. When one sucks, the whole band sucks. But when only one is good, the whole band sucks as well.

It also shows that you might be real talented but if your attitude's like fuck, you won't get anywhere. which is true as well. and this band right is like not just sit down and play. it's like they have formations and stuff. and they're like so amazing. They put singapore's national day parade to shame. haha seriously man. their lines and so damn straight la. and when they move, the lines still remain straight. it's so cool. haha everyone should watch it! ho hum =)

1:47 PM

Friday, August 12, 2005

The blame of my pain should be pinned on no one
Yet i pin it on you.
You're the cause of my sleepless nights.
Bitch you caused the pain i feel.

I'm so in a seriously bad mood now. I've been like this the whole day. Oh bitchified me. Fucking internet connection sucks. Damn it's not even in existence. I've resorted to using notepad. fuck it. with all the firewalls and virus scans still like that. why? cos some asshole switched off the firewall. so the com's probably infected by five million viruses now. My sister is insisting on talking to me. Asked her to go away and she decides to read what i'm typing. Wth. I love the privacy I have at home.

Tml no band. Probably going out. Hope I'll be in a better mood. My mind is fucked. I'm so damn pissed. Jie is sad. I'm worried for her. My house is noisy. I need ear plugs.

Mr De was called back for reservist. har de har. I'm so mean. fuck I don't care.

My internet is as fast as a three-toed sloth. This sucks. I need to talk to someone. But she didn't call. Nvm. I'm going to bed early tonight. Goodbye.

12:18 AM

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I remember why I didn't want to use blogspot anymore!! cos i can't lock my entries! ah. haha. or at least, i don't know how. ah wells. we gain some we lose some. i shall just restrain myself should something piss me off. yes i will =))

Yesterday was national day. HAPPY erm, BELATED BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE! yeah it was kinda uneventful. I spent the whole day at home. watched phantom of the opera.. so nice! haha then the parade. it was boring can. NVR SHOW BAND. @!@#%$%^!$@!#!@% They didn't show the drumming thing at Tampines either. Or i missed it. aiyah whatever. BUT FIONA XIE WAS AT TAMPINES CAN. she so chio! i like! haha. should have gone. nvm la.

Then today had piano lesson at 9am. when my teacher came i was still sleeping away. SO PAI SEH. so she had to wait in the living room while i got dressed haha. so my piano lesson was cut by like 15 minutes. yay. i played badly btw so also good la. my teacher was a little frustrated so i was quite glad to see her go. hehs.

Then went to orchard with fiona. hehe it was quite fun. we were abit free la. walk from somerset to cine, then to far east, then to cine again, then to wisma, then to far east again, then to wisma again. haha oh man. we met up with dee, teresa and hf.. then after that, separate. then when going home we met up with hf again. haha. she was with jess cos they were going for bible study at YMCA so we sent them there. haha we so nice right? then went home. sounds abit sian right? but it wasn't la. hehs. we had fun trying on clothes! haha!

I can't wait for sunday!! Saint Pats Concert! yay!!! haha! those who haven't given me money yet, GIVE ME NOW. haha. i can't wait!! yay! haha

6:26 PM

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yay my links are like done le. hehs. Yesterday was so much fun! yay! haha. i'm mad. k i shall blog from sunday night k? k.

I didn't sleep at like all on sunday night cos something happened and i was so happy. haha. so i called fran up and we talk talk talk talk talk until like 4am. haha! and fall in was at 5.45? hehs. yeah then she had to go out at 7.45 or something so we hung up to let her have about 2-3 hrs of sleep hehs. So i went to bathe and then gave fiona a wake up call! haha! that was fun can! giving her 4.20 wake up call when she was supposed to call me at 5. haha. and i was abit high also la. then we talk until like 4.30 then i gave eunice a wake up call too! haha. woke her whole house up in the process! woops! haha sorry! so i had nothing to do for like an hour. so i made myself cups after cups of coffee. haha i swear, coffee is USELESS. I was ok for the beginning part of the day but by noon i was half dead le. haha but anyway. Eunice picked leng and me up in a cab at 5.30am and off we went to school. I was so happy and energetic but everyone else was like half dead. lols.

Anyway, in school. we sent them off to set instruments and fall in at 6.05 cos not all of them were there yet. so ya. when everyone was on the bus we realised that kwan yee and nikki wasn't there yet. then we waited for kwan yee and fiona and i had to like run to unlock the classroom for her instrument. madness. then we reached bedok stadium where ernestine and nikki met up with us. i was abit annoyed cos we settled down somewhere then they moved us. but nvm. the rest of the school had to STAND in the sun for the march pass while we could sit down. HAHA. ok whatever. we weren't very in tune despite all the tuning Mr. De did. But who cares cos half the school is tone deaf and couldn't tell the difference between a Flat and a Sharp. haha! the good thing is that we were we cut off at the right places. yayness. haha. good job band girls! after that we put our instruments down and gen went to take care of the instruments. Then I ran around with vanessa to spray red paint on people's hair!! haha fun fun fun. When my event, united we move, came i wanted to skip it. I was with some of the seniors but got chased away. evil. haha shouldn't have told them I was skipping my event. so i tried to slink of somewhere with su and poh but niq and dots caught us and forced us to go. but in the end we still didn't play. hahaha. we got some other magdelena sec threes to replace us. hehs. i don't regret it, after seeing how dirty eunice got. haha. anyway, i left su and poh and went to walk around with khaitheng, huifang and sherri. haha. we took pictures! so fun. can see them from Khaitheng's blog. Then went around cutting balloon strings cos huifang kept wanting different coloured balloons. haha. apparently she likes balloons. lol. anyway after a while we went back to our instruments to slack. then we started playing songs. it was so nice!! the most fun part. i think we annoyed some of the teachers cos their announcements couldn't be heard but screw them cos no one cares about announcements anyway. haha! Voices and Phantom was plain beautiful. so nice! Phantom we couldn't play fully actually. but the beginning parts were quite nice. haha. we played the old songs.. like the arts alive songs. so nice!! Love all those who were playing with us!! Teresa.. Rachel.. Huifang.. Yong Cai.. Khai Theng.. Sherrri.. Fiona.. yups. love you guys loads. it was really fun yeah? haha. when we were to board the buses there was this hoo-ha about the NDP girls and how they were supposed to follow us but they disappeared. So we got behind schedule abit and the bloody bus driver kept pestering me and i felt like punching his lights out. but he apologized later so it's all cool. haha.

Anyway after that we went for the NDP thing at simei ITE and I was damn grumpy cos of my lack of sleep and food, my stinkiness and my hair's uncanny resemblence to that of medusa's. haha! sorry lisbeth and eunice! but me and huifang left half way cos we were both falling asleep. then eunice, yong cai and lisbeth left also. so i walked hf to the bus stop then went back to find the three of them. went to eastpoint to eat kfc then yongcai went home while eunice and lisbeth came over. watched the last 10 minutes of phantom haha. so lame. cos eunice didn't watch finish the previous time. so we just slacked abit.. then eunice attempted think of me on the piano. and i was highly amused. then we took a train to tampines to meet Adlin and lisbeth went home. hehs. Went back home at like 9 plus? There was a bbq thing going on with alot of people in there. argh. but nvm.. haha. it was like adults downstairs and children upstairs. so steffi came into my room and we were just talking about stuff. then we were joined by denise, jas and erm, shanice. haha. shanice is adorable! she's this 7 year old who looks like 4 years old cos she's so small! and she kept taking my penguin pillow and using it kill my stuffed dogs going "quack! quack! quack!" lol. i tied her hair so nicely with clips and all and she decided to sleep on my bed so it was all messed up. haha. nvm i forgive her. anyway, me, steffi, jas and shanice were all squashed on my bed and i FELL ASLEEP.wth. haha. so embarrassing. then i just woke up briefly to know that they went home. and i was so sleepy i couldn't even get out of bed. so i just continued sleeping. haha

I think that was my most eventful day in a long time whee! haha. k this entry is unbelievably long. haha i shall go off now. good bye people =)

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yay a new blog! My silversilences archives were getting a little crowded so i opened a new blog! yayness. there's still like a lot to be done. Like my links. As you can see, my links are all "" or something like that. And this template is so gorgeously colourful, just like all my other templates. joyfulness. haha!

Lately i've been like thinking alot. And I realised that everyone is human. As annoying as some of them might get, they're only human. They have their own problems even though they might not show it. When they do their annoying stuff they actually mean well. Or they're just not thinking about the consequences and stuff. Like teachers. They're human as well. As naggy and irritating they are, they actually think about us. Like Mrs Lopez.

"Rebels without a cause" She mentioned this one day during english period. And I was like thinking about it and i realised that actually it's kinda true. Like me. I break so many school rules for absolutely no reason. I myself don't know why I break them. Hm. I actually think Mrs Lopez is a pretty cool teacher. Not physically of course. haha! It seems like she actually cares about 3/6. like how we, the students, will grow up to be instead of how we're giving her a headache. So that's pretty cool. And annoying as she might be, she actually does have our wellbeing at heart so yeah. I'm starting to appreciate her abit more.

Maybe we shouldn't be so judgemental. I mean we're human and its only natural for us to judge others but i think it hurts. I can't stand it when i'm judged but I still judge others. Like there's this certain person in band that I, as well as alot of others, have been bitching about. But if i like put myself in her shoes, I would be crying at home alot. Maybe she does have problems which she's keeping to herself. Plus she has absolutely no one. I mean, she's been bitching about me alot too. But the people she bitches too all turn on her. haha. Poor girl.

Alright. Enough of thinking. I think i think too much. haha. whateverness..

I'm so excited about Monday. I have no idea why. I have to wake up at like 5 and reach sch at 5.45am for band. then do that stupid ball thing for the sports carnival, and then go for the NDP shit. it sounds so annoying but I'm excited for it. How weird! haha!

I was a little peeved yesterday cos Mr De made decisions without telling us first. Rah. He always does that. Sometimes I really wish Sir was still with us. Although things are better than they were in the beginning. I like Mr De abit more now. Ok actually alot more. haha I don't hate him at all anymore. I think he's changed for the better. Like he's more sensitive to our feelings and he doesn't insult so much anymore. So that's good la.

Ok I'm done blogging! Tag alrights people? Haha my chatterbox abit pathetic! haha! cyerr!!

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