Thursday, December 22, 2005


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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Don't feel like blogging much.

Band Chalet: (19th to 21st)
Those helping with the buying of food and stuff,
12nn at bedok inter near bus 17. (19th)
Those just coming for funness, (whether or not you're staying over)
5pm at tanah merah safra on the 19th
For those not staying over,
can come back anytime on the 20th.
there'll be bbq for both nights.

We'll send out the chalet bungalow numbers if a certain someone would reply our smses and pick her phone up. but i suppose we can only send them out on monday itself. We're checking out at like 9am on the 21st so no point coming on thurs. There'll be bbq for both nights so yeah.

Band members please be reminded that your hw is knowing the piece "fever" so we'll be able to play on the 27th. Sls you're supposed to remind your section members to at least read the score.

I know not many band members come to my blog so those who do, please help me tell your SLs that the whole section MUST be familiar with the piece "fever" by the 27th of Dec.

Repetoire for Concert:
1. Renegade Dances
2. Autumn Leaves
3. The Legend of the Eagles (JB)
4. Twist & Shout (JB)
5. The Legend of Danny Boy (Combined)
6. Sock Hop Tonight (Combined)
7. Fever(encore)
8. Instant Concert (stand by)

If anyone is wondering why this entry is so about band, it's because I just received an email from our conductor, Jason De Hamel, and it's not very reassuring. In a nutshell, he wants our band to take more initiative and etc. if anyone actually cares, please ask me online what the email was about. but i doubt anyone would bother because that's what our band consists of. Only a few who actually cares and the rest just don't give a fuck about it.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yay I'm updating! woohoos! hahaha.

I come with happy happy tidings.

FIONA'S BACK!!! yes i KNOW she's been back for like 2-3 days but i only JUST got the time to update my blog so THERE. wahaha.

Since saturday not much has happened. Except, i went SHOPPING ON MONDAY!! woohoo!! I spent like $90? Bloody hell. And i came back in a good mood cos i only bought ONE item for myself and the rest for others. Christmas presents, obviously. And now happiness!

Unfortunately, when i returned home, I received my handphone bill. Let's just say it was pretty bad. haha. Therefore my handphone is confiscated AGAIN and I have no means of communication AGAIN. But the bright side is that I won't be awakened in the middle of the night of early in the morning by the beautiful sounds of my phone vibrating. hoho.

Yes I'm in a rather good mood now, in case you couldn't tell. haha. Oh and i'm $120 poorer because of the phone bill. Which means i'm TOTALLY BROKE NOW. *tempted to be vulgar* And the people I haven't bought presents for are the ones who mean most to me. argh. *chants* shall not be vulgar. shall not be vulgar. shall not be vulgar

I am a reformed sinner. see i'm not vulgar anymore. haha. at least, not on my blog. well it's a start right? right. let me continue thinking that way please. =P

And now, comments.

beefy: oh yeah. i'm abit lazy to put lor. haha!!!
sc: erm.. am i supposed to be? HAHA.
ernestine: WALAO I DON'T STALK HIM LOR. wth! who wanna stalk him? bleargh *pukes*
eunice: hahaha! it's not a stupid reason! i'ts perfectly acceptable!!
fiona: aiyah you and your stupid bears! hahaa! your lips ok le ma? peel peel peel. like SAI.
kt: ya ya!! nice right!! hahaha i like can!! and cheap too. lols
adlin: oh right. but now i've been there le so i don't need you! hahaha! eh i sent you an email. go see. =))

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

oh today was pure fun-ness!!! woohoo!! I love christmas!!!! *hums White Christmas dreamily* I think these hols are my all time favourite hols. I've never enjoyed any other holiday more than this one. hehs =)

Btw I didn't sleep at all last night. lols. thanks max! for staying up with me the whole night. hehs!

come come i shall say why today was so super fun. first went to fran's house and slacked there at like 5++. then went off to Lau Pa Sat at 6pm cos Nic asked me to go support his band cos they were performing there. plus I, being a stupid little sua gu, have never been to Lau Pa Sat and wanted to see how it was like. So i went. and the performance was bloody boring. waste of my transport fare. had dessert there and realised Mr Glosz was sitting JUST IN FRONT OF ME. when i saw him he smiled and i like waved back lor. SO PS. GOSH he probably thinks I'm stalking him or something cos I'm always at his band performances.

Went to orchard after that. k went to this clothes shop in ngee ann city. I'M IN LOVE WITH IT. never loved a clothes shop so much before!!! stupid me never bring enough money though. but omg i'm so in love with their clothes lor. yeah man. then went to taka cos i felt like brownies. but decided to try pistaschio(sp?) and chocolate maceroons(sp?) instead. the chocolate ones were HEAVEN!! omg so superbly nice. went to buy another one cos it was just so yummy! haha.

After that we went to Paragon to the Chrismas display thing for Fran to buy something to put on top of her tree. Both of us got into a total and absolute christmassy mood. Niceness!! Really didn't wanna leave the place man. haha. I suddenly felt like buying stuff but it was already 10pm and many shops were closed. So we went to taka cos they had extended their time to 10.30. And i bought this cute little purse-like thing. supposed to be for digi cam but I'm gonna use it as a purse. hehs.

We were so tired after that and were like dozing off in the train back home. As usual, i was stoning. hahaha. Hm i have loads of stuff I wanna buy now.. Love christmas!!!

I decided to reply comments here! =))

beefy: lols. i said it would be a long entry what. haha. LOTR=Lord of The Ring
nickee: Linked dearies =))
eunice: HAHA ya lor. act cute man. lol lol
ernestine: can you don't so vulgar? put "fkn" hahaha. but i agree la. she's cHaO jIXx aCt CuTeXx wOrXx~`:// hahaha!!!!!
and you know what i want MEH? i never even tell you lor!!! haha! better explain yourself!

11:44 PM


lols. it's 2.45 and I'm awake. blogging. wth. I think this is gonna be a long entry. haha. because I have loads to blog about and I haven't really been blogging as regularly as i used to. well the reason why i'm awake is cos i was sleeping when amanda called and asked me to conference with her, gen, weelyn. so i did and now can't get back to sleep. haha wth.

Hmm. My last few entries have been really weird. I think I went through a personality transplant or something. Haha. wth. I think I always get wonky during the holidays. Btw I deleted yesterday's entry. It's bloody stupid man. haha!

oh another reason why I can't sleep is probably cos my body clock is like all messed up. I've been sleeping at like 2 or 3++ every night lately. so yeah. Hmm dunno how to get it alright again.

K lets talk about yesterday and today. Hm. Yesterday went out to celebrate Kt's birthday. Met with Eunice for some job interview thing then later met cindy, audrey, amanda and khai theng. (hope i didn't miss anyone out). went sakae sushi. ate alot can. walao. fat le. then weelyn came.. and after a while ernestine came with a friend, Don.

After that we walked around Heeren and some of them share money to buy Kt a present. haha. that tasmanian devil toy. walao damn bloody big lor. if carry around abit PS right? so ern and I got Kt to leave it in the shop first. walao the salesgirl SUPER act cute can. argh. and I SWEAR SHE'S LESBIAN. she kept staring at *ahem* haha. i'm nice so i won't say her name. hahaha..

we shopped around Heeren abit. Heeren has the WEIRDEST people. Seriously. We were like on the second floor looking down then there was this couple all over each other. haha. then eunice dared me to say "SO SWEET" really loudly. and i DID. hahaha. but of course i ran off la. hahaha. lucky thing i did cos the girl actually heard me and looked up. haha so PS!! then there was this girl who's BUTT CRACK was like so obvious. the we look somemore and realised it was her PANTIES THAT WAS SHOWING not her actually butt. walao. wanna wear hipster don't wear such HIGH panties la. wtf! haha. and can you believe it. i went up to her and told her. HAHAHA. but she didn't give two hoots about it. haha.

someone then suggested going to kbox and ended up going to partyworld. omg the place looked like a pub!!!! but nvm. so we asked how much it was and they siad it was $60. so ok la. quite cheap right? then the dude went to calculate dunno what sai and ended up being $125. WTH!! it being so ex, plus the fact that the whole place reeked of cigs we decided not to go. so we went cine to eat at BK cos Ern and Don hadn't eaten yet. then walked around cine abit then went home with Ern and Don. haha.

Then today? hmm. went to georgina's house with denise. haha. it was nice la.. watched amadeus and abit or LOTR. Denise and I didn't wanna leave lor. that's the effect g's house has on lots of people.

went out for dinner. then came home lor. hehs.

ok it's 3.05 now. I'm super hungry.

anw like my new template? still have some work to do though. lols.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

aah!! fiona's gone!! so sad!!!! no one to maple and crap with me le!! =(=(

anw today's kt's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =)=).

aiyah i actually blog le.. then got error. so the whole entry is gone. erp.

anw today went airport with eunice and fiona.. hahaha wasted another 5 hours. hahaha. supposed to study but erm.. no studying was done. haha. hmm told each other ghost stories. eunice abit lan. never even say one story. hahahaha.

aiyah dunno what to blog le. except that i miss NCO camp alot suddenly. sighss. haha!

i miss sir.. hm.. some seniors met up with him the other day.. =(=( miss him man..

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

aah! i'm so sad!!! cos i'm fat!!! haha. that kinda rhymes.

ok the previous entry was plain appalling. my english was like terrible lol. and vulgarities all over. i was gonna be vulgar again today cos the TROMBONE SECTION GIRLS DIDN'T COME. make us go at 12pm then they never appear. so gen and I stayed there for 2 hours then amanda came then we left. Siewcheng, go chop your section upside down. not me hor. the best thing was that when I came home, noor'ain called me up and ask to open the band room. erp. no comments.

anw. yesterday i went jogging with fiona. hahaha it was so spur of the moment la. like we were on the phone then she just said "lets go jogging" hahaha and we just liddat go down. erm erm erm. abit weird hor. hahaha. then it was so embarrassing. cos the people jogging around the estate all kind of old la. haha then they run round and round and we only can run half a round. haha so lousy right. but beginner what hahaha.

then today we went jogging again. haha. but today not so bad. but that fiona leng supposed to meet her sister. then we wait at one bus stop while her sister waiting at the other. so dumb right!! so we jog over to her sister's bus stop and her sister walk over to ours. and we walked different routes so we missed each other -.-" so dumb!! argh.. hahaha then after that we went to play tennis. hahahahaha!!!! i can die playing with fiona lor. hahaha she dunno how to hit the ball de. then she hit upwards like playing badminton. hahahaha. so dumb. argh!!!!

reminder to all:
tml combined for people performing for mr de's wedding
2pm to 5pm.
we have to move instruments down to classroom so all must come.

saturday fall in 8am FULL BAND U.

i'm hungry. very very very hungry.

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