Wednesday, November 30, 2005

argh!! i'm so pmsing!!! come i say what happened lol.

my sister and i were like happily mapling la. then the phone rang. then both of us training what. so we took very long to pick up the phone. then i was like "WHICH BASTARD IS THAT" and it was my dad. haha. and i think he heard cos i pick up le then say. abit bad of me right? but too bad. haha. then he come ask me some stupid questions about cameras and batteries and my maple character which i had just fed pots until hp full was hanging somewhere. then he talk talk talk talk so much that i genna knock down by orange mushroom and hantam by every single orange mushroom there. WALAO. so pissed lor. and i don't even know what he was asking.

k nvm. then after that i recover my maple character le hor, some idiot go and call my hp. WALAO. then tell me trombone section tml 11am to 1pm. I NEED TO SLEEP WAN LOR. ARGH. stupid. so pissed off le. ARGH. see? pms? RAAAAAAH.



and now the fucker ask me go sch at 12pm. FUCK YOU LA. argh. DAMN PISSED.


8:32 PM

Monday, November 28, 2005

haha today was damn funny. laugh until stomach ache. haha. went for band at 11 with gen and fiona. then self-practice for 2 and a half hours straight. so tiring! play until giddy. haha. then sectionals i polish instrument and taught chandni and judy abit of theory. i'm a lousy teacher. haha!!

oh man then after that me and fiona went to walk 2 rounds around simei st 4. hahaha. cos we felt fat. hahaha! then we saw this fat girl with huge legs. then i got paranoid and look at my own legs. HAHA. then the guy walking past us also look down. HAHAHAHA. walao. then that guy damn retarded please. hahaha he got lost in simei? erm erm? hahahahaha.

haha then fiona and i decided to go jogging around simei after band practices end. meaning next week onwards la.. haha! during the 2 rounds we were so high la. hahahaha walking around like drunkards. hahahahaha. then we took so long to walk cos i was laughing so hard that i could hardly walk. haha!

then we say bring disc man.. then hi fi set. hahhaa then the whole computer while jogging. hahahaha. walao. so nonsense can argh! haha!

eh fiona you owe me rounds also! cos you look at that short and fat boy! HAHAHA!!!!

10:15 PM

Friday, November 25, 2005

yay i finally have a free night!!! woohoos!!! i love weeknights *prances about happily* hahaha. my life is kinda revolving around band now. haha sianness. but nvm i quite like it..

thanks to glosz, my tone has improved a tremendous lot. yay!! *jumps about happily* hehe.

oh man a little hyper today man. hahaha band was fun.. then ending part i mean, when audrey, erjie and amanda were being mad. hahahaha. so funny. then in bus 14 i kinda molested weelyn. HAHAHAHA. wth man.. that's so funny. hahahahaha. argh so high!!! can die man. hahaha.

but i'm really damn happy that i'm free for once. yay. haha.

loving band heaps now. =))

9:37 PM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

omg glosz is coming tml. stress stress stress man... oh man.. i got so much stuff to do. but i really don't see a point in doing any of it *mutters darkly* for reasons i shall no put in my blog. ask me online if you must. hm..

it's holidays man. i should be happy and relaxed!! but i'm not.. *sad face* i'm missing loads of people now.. haven't seen them in ages!!! hmm

aaaah stomach ache. paaain. *dies* haha. k i'm being abit wonky. must be lack of sleep. last night was on the phone til 2+. gosh i really haven't had enough sleep lately. tonight's gonna be quite bad again =(=(. so much stuff to do.. i swear, i've never been so busy. plus got SOME PEOPLE bugging me to play some stupid game *glares at fiona leng* hahahahaha. but nvm the stupid game is quite amusing. hahahaha. especially arguing. haha. hm siao.

i think band is quite fun now. hahaha. me and chandni are like forever quoting russell peters. like wth man. haha damn funny. can die sia. hahahahahaha. i wanna watch more of his stuff. hahaha..

omg some person is annoying me so terribly badly. argh. *wants to kill* nvm. i shall be nice and not say anymore. haha. i'm so sleeepy!!!!!!!!!! argh. and i've got no rest until next wed. ARGH. prepare for my death. lol.. alright then. shall go off now. need to sleep :P ciaos.

4:11 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I dunno what to blog abouts. hehes. hmhm. sigh just put band stuff la hor? second CCA board what, dui bu dui? haha..

Senior band - CANCELLED
Junior band - Fall in 2.30pm. Half uniform. Be late and DIE.


8:01 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last night I read a close friend's blog. and i realise that I haven't had time for my friends ever since NCO camp. I haven't been communicating much with the close friends i had before the NCO camp. I've made new friends, and I've failed to maintain old ones. I'm sorry.

to that close friend of mine, i think you know who you are. i read your blog entry from a few days ago.. and I'm sorry if you think i've been avoiding. I haven't. I admit, i did try to avoid you before and I told you why. but that day at adlin's house.. i found that you meant so much to me that I couldn't possibly throw our friendship away so easily. I still love you loads. and if i haven't been speaking to you much.. it's because I've been to busy. I swear I haven't been avoiding you. I miss those times 6 months ago too and I want to have more fun just like before. I don't know what you mean by spoiling my reputation and all that because there's no way you're doing so. I haven't been calling or smsing you much because I've been too busy and my phone bill is like bombed. I would love to tell you all that has been going on but not here. not now. Please give me time.

11:45 AM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

gosh i'm so tired.. hmm. haha..

banded today.. i woke up early for once.. but still ended up late for band.. haha all that fiona leng's fault lor!! haha wth! but nvm.. then banded.. played all you need is love. lovely song. so fun. played fantasy on irish air too. was ok la.. but i was damn sleepy... was dropping off to sleep.. but had to shout "band girls keep quiet" every few minutes. dunno why they abit noisy today. hmm especially trumpet section la. haha.

after senior band prac got some stock check shit. nothing much on that.. then junior band prac. walao damn fucked la. fucking rosemary schedule CCAs at 2pm and A Math O levels begin at 2pm. she damn fucked up la. walao. so pissed at her.. so we cannot make noise until 4.15 and band ends at 5? had to move tables and chairs to 4/7 also.. stupid sch always picking on concert band. but nvm. we're nice =)) anw i just gave rouen (sp?) some instructions and went off home. cos i was annoyed. gave gen a call and told her what was going on..

went home and fell asleep.. haha... then was awakened by gen.. hm.. slacked abit more.. then went off for the mini NCO gathering. it was damn fun la. haha. yee siew and i were the only girls. so paisehing. but damn fun la.. stupid guys kept laughing at us. piigs. haha. it was damn bad when yee siew left early. walao then i was the only girl there la. haha but quite fun la. the guys all packing up and i didn't have to do a thing. hehehe. reached home at 11+.. supposed to reach home like 10 plus but my parents were asleep le. heng.. haha.

gosh i'm like damn tired now la.. better go sleep =)). nites

11:42 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005

oooh.. what a good way to start the morning!!! i in a super good mood now!!! woo!! hahaha!! ask me why ask me why! no nvm. don't ask me why. cos i won't tell you!!! hahaha!!!! gosh i'm so happy and high now.. *bounce bounce bounce*

still missing NCO camp like craaazzzzyyy!!!!!! this is like jie lin and fran's club med depression. but mine is NCO camp depression. hehe.. so horrible.. 5 days over just like that! *snaps fingers* sigh.. but there's always reunion!!!! *bounce bounce bounce* HAHA.

gosh it's too early to be so high! but i am!! haha!!! i have a stomachache!!! shit la. haha. hm. going sch later to collect my school books. hehe. i'm making a special trip to sch just to collect books can. haha see how serious i am about school work.. hehehehe. fuck i haven't started on my hw. *curse and swears* AH WELL. still many weeks ahead =))

almeric: haha!!! so mean! racist comment! i'm gonna tell him!!! :P:P
ernestine: haha. MAYBE. :P
weelyn: hahhaa yeah i did :P

8:35 AM

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I don't really have inspiration to blog but i shall anyway. HAHA.

this week was the BEST WEEK for the holidays so far!! i love it man!! 31st NCO camp. Gosh i'm gonna miss all the people i made friends with.. especially the S'es. sigh!!! can't believe it's over!!! the memories are still so fresh in my mind. At least we have reunion in december!! yay!! haha.. I wanna go back for NCO camp can.. i do'nt mind all the early waking and shit anymore.. so fun can.. so crappy.. *stones for a while*

see i did say i do'nt have inspiration to blog right? haha. i don't even feel like going to other peoples' blogs. lol..


7:59 PM

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I was supposed to rant about the school and a certain woman called rosemary. but i lost all inspiration. sigh.

I really miss band. I know I've said this about a million times but it's true.. I miss band during syf period so much. What siewcheng told me is really true.. Band now isn't the band we knew before. I wish there was something I could do about it but there isn't. It saddens me greatly but i suppose that's what happens with change of like everything. The people who were once so passionate about band before aren't passionate anymore. I think Sir, who brought magic to band, took most of the magic with him when he left. And the seniors took the rest with them when they left.

Almost made me cry last night when I thought of how different things are now.

Time passes so quickly. I can hardly believe I've been here for 6 months. It's quite laughable. 6 months and yet it feels like I just took over yesterday. And still, i wish it was all over. I'll miss band, no doubt about it, but not as much as i miss the band i knew before Sir left. I miss Sir so dearly.

I feel like I've let the band down, I've let the seniors down, I've let Sir down. I want Sir to come back and see that band more fantastic than before. But if he came back like now, and saw the state of the band, I'd run off and hide my face.

It's so weird. I care for the band, and yet I'm at a total loss as to what to do. I love band but I hate band. I want the seniors to come back so badly but I'm scared to. I want the magic back in band but I don't know where to get it.

I'm sorry, I'm not strong enough

you don't need a leader, you need a blind scapegoat. and i'm not willing to be that.

9:59 PM

Saturday, November 05, 2005

oh i was reading my previous entry i can't believe i forgot to talk about pan ling ling!!!! haha!! cos we saw her at paragon basement. she has really pretty skin. but anyway. hahaha. jie lin and i decided to stalk her. HAHA. it was damn funny.. we followed her up the escalator and out of paragon then i saw something flutter down on to the floor from her hands. HAHAH. i thought she dropped can! then i ran up to it and it turned out to be a SWEET WRAPPER. WTH!! hahaha. she's a litterbug!!! wtmfh!! hahaha but it was still funny!! jie lin laughed like madness!

anyway. hahaha i feel like going shopping again!!! but ARGH i'm fully booked til next next week. mtfh. i think i got no time to shop until december caaan. argh.. stupid camp. i hate camps. hate hate hate hate hate. waste of my time. rah!

fran: hey i think i can make it on the 16th. that's a wed. =)) we can make it like 10 hour marathon then finish the other 10-11 hours on the night of our christmas party! =))
weelyn: it's that thing the drum major throws up in e air and pokes her eyeball out with.
gen: WALAO! WHAT 2ND CCA BOARD! GO AND DIE. hahahaha but since you need to know,

juniors, 8 nov, tues, half u, 1.30pm
seniors, 15 nov, tues, full u, 9.00am

9:42 PM

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gosh I'm so tired now.. haha. today was a fun day. oui! oui! funness!!

went to sch in the morning to get my mace.. abit sian dui bu dui? hahaha. but ain and i were playing percussion instruments.. hahaha shhhh don't tell anyone. HAHA. it was fun.. then we polished the mace and instrument. yup.. hahaha. then shared a cab with ain home. i'll look stupid on the bus with a mace right? right. i'm not so retarded can.

then went home.. watch love actually. got me into a christmassy mood. hahaha. nice nice!

went to orchard with fran, jill and jie lin. hehe. was fun man we just stayed around wisma, taka and paragon. OH MAN FORGOT TO GO NGEE ANN CITY. fran was supposed to show me where she bought those nice pants. rah. whatever. hm hm.. haha yay jie lin bought me my chritmas de.. haha just have to wait til our christmas party before receiving it. yeah man. haha. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. woohoo. my fav time of the year.

k anyway, at paragon there was the christmas display thing. sold lots of cool christmas stuff. i want the pillow and pillow case!!!! *pleads fran* hahahaha. i got a rough idea what to buy everyone le!! haha except a few.. but who cares. *hums tunelessly*

love christmas!!! wheeee. i wanna decorate my rooom!!! yeah man!!! hahaha. i'm not gonna let anything affect my happy christmas mood!! hahah. i even bought christmas clothes le!! i'm gonna diet until like new year. or not my clothes will BURST. haha.. i'm like always hungry. so annoying!! but i resisted the temptation to buy the brownie fr0m taka. hahaha. yay! christmas! woo!

gosh you know what? i miss the seniors.. faster end Os leh.. i miss the sec fours!! hm and SWENSONS.. gosssh. why Os so long!! quick end!! LOL.

9:18 PM

Thursday, November 03, 2005

How does it feel..
When you keep giving people the impression you don't like them?

How does it feel..
When you suddenly find it hard to maintain the relationship you used to have with someone?

How does it feel..
When you try so hard to pull away from someone. only to miss her even more and wanna spend even more time with her?

How does it feel..
When you get jealous over nothing and end up hating everyone?

How does it feel..
When the person you love thinks you don't even like him?

How does it feel..
When you want so much to turn away from someone.. but you just can't?

How does it feel..
When the people you were so so close to just 6 months ago.. suddenly aren't that close anymore?

How does it feel..
When you want so much to give up.. but just plain can't?

How does it feel..
When you feel so much and you just wanna go to sleep and never wake up?

I know how it feels.

Because that's how i feel now.

6:00 PM

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Argh!!!! Jillian got that LINE stuck in my HEAD. SO ANNOYING.. now i can't stop saying it. rah!!! and fran please don't go "i told you so". i'm pissed off enough at myself. hahahahahahaha.

banded today. hm. don't rmb much about it. OH YA my hp dropped. THREE TIMES CAN. omg. haha got the look from Mr De. effing hell sia. rah. after that.. erm erm erm. abit of frustration. aiyah lazy to type out what happened..

oh man we played "the legend of danny boy". stupid name right. but sounds abit like "you raise me up". haha. i was like humming it when Mr De was talking. hahaha. actually band was quite ok la. except for those looks that Mr De. kept giving me. hahahaha it was damn funny when i was making faces at Sherri and he was staring at me like i was a maniac la. haha. Ah wells.

I wanted to rant on a certain member of the staff in the CCA Office. but i'm nice. and sleepy. so I shall not bitch about her. But one more time she get on my nerves and i'm gonna bitch to no end. rah. oh and happy day. the BITCH in my section didn't come today. YAYNESS. should throw a party! ahaha

Oh instead of converting my blog to a second CCA board, (glares at gen) i think we should have a band blog!! wooooo!!! hehehehe!!! k la whatever.. hmmmmm anw i'm going to sleep now. woke up way too early today..

Chiquitita, you and I know
How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they're leaving
You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end
You will have no time for grieving

ernestine: hahaha. aiyoy!! why you like him so much!! haha at least you appreciate all we've done for you =))
fran: wow. nightmare about me. thanks la!

10:42 PM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok yesterday was the 1st day of holidays. i think it was a good start so hopefully it means that the holidays will go well. hehe.

first, was awakened at an ugly hour to go to a wake but had macs breakfast first. so went for the wake all the way in hougang. then i got stomachache. can die sia. haha so we cabbed back to my house hahahaha just so that i could take a crap. lame right.. ya but nvm. 10 bucks gone like that. walao. k then we took bus to school for band. haha slackiest band practice in existence. but can't blame us because we were there on our own accord so we coud basically do whatever we wanted. no attendence marked what.

yup.. after that went home.. bathed.. then went to ernestine's party.. hehe. it was quite fun. then dinnered at fran's mum's restaurant. hoho. got a lift back home. yay. was abit high haha.. had a "so what you want me to do about it" conversation with jillian in the car. hehehe. i really shouldn't say that phrase too often. lol.

anw yesterday was fun la. yay yay. haha! oh and we were singing abba songs. now i'm kinda addicted to abba. lol lol. especially since we played abba gold during band too. speaking of band, some weird creatures thought there was band today and went to school. for goodness sake! it's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. sheesh. for any other weird creature, next band practice for seniors is
wednesday (tomorrow), fall in 9am, wear half u.
juniors, tuesday, 8 nov, fall in 1.30 pm, wear half u.

Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong
You're enchained by your own sorrow
In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that you're oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, tell me the truth
I'm a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend,
I'm the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see you've broken a feather
I hope we can patch it up together

Chiquitita, you and I know
How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they're leaving
You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end
You will have no time for grieving
Chiquitita, you and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, Chiquitita
Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, Chiquitita

fran: haha you just gave yourself away la. you WERE telling jokes. admit it. i could hear.
gen: haha!!! we did speak the second time round hor!!
fiona: walao! i got wake up lor! haha. wake me up tml too!!
rebecca: hahaha okie.. cyerr..

11:29 AM

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